3 Days Wilderness Wanderings

Barn Bluff / Jason Charles Hill

Cradle Mountain | Rosebery | Waratah

This 3-day journey will give you just a small taste of what the Western Wilds is all about. You can easily add it to existing travel plans or, for those who live locally, head out when a nature-filled weekend adventure is calling.

Day 1

Man looking acroos a lake at a mountain
Cradle Mountain / Kelly Slater

From Devonport, head to Sheffield, a charming rural town in the foothills of majestic Mount Roland. Treat yourself to morning tea and stretch your legs exploring the town’s mural-lined streets.

As you continue your journey to Cradle Mountain, you’ll be mesmerised by the rugged landscapes of the Western Wilds.

There are endless ways to explore legendary landscapes of Cradle. The Enchanted Walk is a 30-minute circuit that gives you a taste of the region’s ancient forests and quaint waterways. If you’re fit and keen for an adventure, hike your way to the summit of Cradle Mountain (six to eight hours return).

Treat yourself with a stay in the Cradle Valley.

Day 2

Montezuma Falls / Pierre Destribats

Drive on to Vale of Belvoir, widely recognised as one of Australia’s most significant sites of nature conservation. It’s home to the world’s densest population of carnivorous marsupials, including the vulnerable spotted-tailed quoll and Tasmanian devils, as well as old-growth rainforests and some of Tasmania’s only sub-alpine cave systems.

As you make your way to Rosebery, you’ll drive through Tullah, located on the edge of Lake Rosebery. The lakeside lodge is known for its delicious meals and comfy accommodation.

Montezuma Falls, Tasmania’s highest waterfall, is nearby. The track to the base of the falls follows the historic route of the former North East Dundas Tramway.

Day 3

Walk to Philospher Falls / Jesse Bonde

Lake Rosebery is often blanketed in a beautiful display of fog and golden light in the early morning. (You can even rent a kayak to enjoy the sunrise with a paddle.)

From here, drive on to Waratah - there are shops here if you’re looking for goodies for lunch - and continue on to Philosopher Falls. The 90-min return walk to the falls lookout is an introduction to landscapes of the legendary takayna / Tarkine region. And it’s the perfect location for a silent, afternoon picnic.

Head back to Devonport for the Spirit of Tasmania or, if you’re continuing your travels, we suggest exploring Tasmania’s Cradle Coast for more untamed beauty.